Audit History

Equalization of the tax base means that local programs receive the funding necessary for their success, without creating new taxes. The chart illustrates both TMA’s experience and effectiveness in audit performance, as well as the benefit generated for local programs. Our audit experience is an accumulated total from over thirty-five years in business across eighteen states and more than 500 clients.

State Completed Audits Discovery Percentage Discovered Value
ALABAMA 3,330 38% $2,056,316,034
ARIZONA 3 66% $65,809,078
CALIFORNIA 118 55% $76,999,399
CONNECTICUT 3,542 48% $590,314,354
FLORIDA 426 60% $451,712,917
GEORGIA 11,378 40% $3,461,888,610
INDIANA 29,727 30% $1,892,112,163
KENTUCKY 167 86% $1,590,630,116
MICHIGAN 13,070 42% $3,999,567,120
MISSISSIPPI 24 62% $46,300,353
NEVADA 100 73% $56,005,133
NORTH CAROLINA 49,423 31% $17,095,108,301
OKLAHOMA 2 100% $10,000,001
TENNESSEE 52,213 42% $7,132,848,638
Totals 163,523 37% $38,525,612,217

TMA Audit History

For the past 12 years, Williamson County has utilized the services of TMA for our personal property audits. We've always found TMA to be a very professional organization. Not only are they courteous with our staff, but also with the residents of our county.

Dennis R. Anglin
Williamson Co., TN
Property Assessor

TMA has done everything I have asked them to do and much more. Their support when there are questions about an audit are unmatched.

Randy A. Faircloth
Wilson County, NC
Tax Administrator

Tax Management Associates has been performing audits for Davidson County, Tennessee since 1997 and in that time TMA has completed over 10,000 audits. Under both Jo Ann North's administration as well as my administration we have found TMA to be a professional organization that delivers what it promises. Our returns on investment have been solid for over thirteen years now.

George Rooker
Davidson Co., TN
(Metro Nashville)
Assessor of Property

Tax Management is a very professional company and we have been very pleased with there services for the past 12 years. Treatment to our taxpayers is excellent and auditors are very professional.

Bill Bennett
Hamilton County, TN
Tax Assessor

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