Bringing CAVS Into a New Era

Bringing CAVS Into a New Era

As TMA grows from both an audit 
and a technology standpoint, so must the applications that support our business and customers. The evolution of a product is key to its success and longevity. This helped to make the case for updating our Cost Analysis Valuation System, or CAVS for short. CAVS was one of our first applications built for use by customers and has been a mainstay for TMA over the last 7 years.

If you have ever wondered what the solution is for taxpayers that do not file their business personal property tax listing, then the answer is CAVS!

Jurisdictions that use CAVS are offered a method of obtaining reliable and defensible valuations for assets in hundreds of business types using our accurate and up-to-date cost data. This functionality saves users the trouble of making arbitrary decisions on various business costs. Everything our current clients know and love about CAVS has been improved. An all new look and some additional features are just
a couple of the enhancements that were made to improve the overall user experience.

The primary driver for updating CAVS is to increase client engagement and enhance the customer experience. New coding practices, standards, and database architecture made this the opportune time for these changes. TMA will to continue to offer a high level of support for the application, and the updates will allow TMA to easily make future enhancements, increase application stability, and keep the application much more user-friendly.

The most readily apparent changes can be seen in the logo and color scheme (we know; the green logo will be sorely missed). By updating the logo and color scheme, we have created a more refined look that pairs well with the modern layout of the new CAVS portal. The new look will also be featured in the future CAVS mobile app.

CAVS login method has been updated to match the login for TMA’s AuditPro and ProServ platforms. This equips users with a single sign-on that grants access to all of their TMA platforms.

The “Archive Estimate” function is new and allows users to archive an estimate for viewing later on instead of completely deleting an estimate. Users can move archived estimates back into the “My Estimates” tab by choosing to unarchive an estimate.

The Estimate PDF layouts have been changed to be more readable and user-friendly. We have not excluded any information from the old layouts. We just made them easier to read! A Summary PDF option has been added per request for those who prefer not to provide the valuation details.

The electronic CAVS subscription form within the TMA website has been updated to make it easier for future customers to sign up! Visit

We feel confident that these updates to CAVS will help optimize user workflows and overall, make using the CAVS application more enjoyable.